Caring Colon Cleansing

Caring Colon Cleansing

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Why Do Colon Cleansing?

You may have a bowel problem e.g. constipation, IBS, bloating, excess gas or diverticula.

You may want to kick start a new healthier eating or weight loss regime.

Excellent for detox. Gets rid of years of built up toxins in the system.

Helps with skin problems.

You may just wish to give your general health a boost, increase energy levels and improve your mental clarity.

You keep your house clean, you keep your skin clean, doesn’t it make sense to keep clean within?

You have nothing to lose except old baggage. Often a treatment can inspire a new more positive approach to your life. A chance to leave the past behind – literally!

As a beauty treatment, it is amazing. Helps to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, lines on the face and blotchy skin. Remember beauty comes from within.

Come and find out what everyone has been talking about!

Colonic Hydrotherapy….Colonic Irrigation…..Caring Colon Cleansing… Somerset. Come to my new, purpose built colonic clinic near Weston-Super-Mare, Wells and Cheddar.