Colon Facts and Figures

The stool is only made up of 30% food residue, the rest is bacteria and dead cells. If it’s not eliminated it gets reabsorbed into the body!

The UK has the highest incidence of bowel cancer in the world, with 20,000 new cases each year. One in three people visiting their GP have a bowel condition.

You have 35 foot of digestive tract, of which 20 foot is the small intestine and 5 foot is the large intestine, the colon. In a colonic the warm filtered water gently travels up the 5 foot of the colon to wash away any accumulated debris, bacteria, and gases.

A healthy colon will have a transit time of 12 to 24 hours. The average transit time for women is now 72 hours, and for men 60 hours. The UK is the most constipated nation in the world.

Watch this youtube clip to see exactly what a colon hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation) treatment involves.