What does colon hydrotherapy do?

It gently cleanses the colon of accumulated waste matter, bacteria and gases. It is an exercise for the colon, and helps to reshape and tone the colon. It stimulates reflex points and helps to detoxify the body. With the information and advice gained when having the treatment, it can also provide a spring board to healthier eating and lifestyle patterns to aid weight loss and improvements in a wide range of health issues.

Is it painful?

Colonic ireigation should not be painful, but it can be a little uncomfortable at times, as the colon contracts to release matter that may be many decades old! Some people enjoy the feeling of releasing and find the treatment extremely relaxing.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your circumstance and what you want to achieve. There will be a full consultation before any recommendations are given. Often an initial cleanse of 3 – 5 treatments administered weekly, and then a maintenance schedule – where improvements can still be made – is very successful. With each treatment you have the opportunity to learn more about your body and how best to treat it.

What benefits might I gain

– Improved bowel function
– Appetite and weight regulation
– Improved skin
– Increased energy levels
– Greater mental clarity
– Reduced bloating and flatulence
– Education and motivation for healthier eating
– Improvement in gut flora and candida leaving to better mental health as well as physical health