“Meeting Alison has been life-changing for me. She has helped me through the most difficult time of my life. Her treatments and life-coaching have made all the difference and through her I have “found” myself again. She has a deep understanding of the human body as well as the mind. I originally went to Alison to resolve ongoing IBS, this has improved drastically with her help using colonic treatment and all her advice on nutrition and dealing with life’s stresses. She always inspires me to better understand myself and listen to my body.” M.B.

“Alison is a very warm and caring person, puts you at ease , with lots of advice if needed. A very professional lady”. S.B.

Alison is always friendly, welcoming and highly professional; the space is great too, so if you’re considering a session, I totally recommend a visit!’ C.W.

“I have suffered from chronic IBS for a number of years, and find colonic irrigation has provided invaluable assistance in dealing with my symptoms – I always feel better after a treatment session.” A.S.

“I always feel safe, respected and cared for with Alison and can talk to her about absolutely anything during her treatments. The link between mind, body and emotions thus becomes incredibly clear. Her treatment goes much deeper than the physical.” S.M.

“I was bloated and always struggling with my weight. After having a series of colonics and following Alison’s sensible advice I now have the body I always wanted.” C.D.

“Alison’s impeccable professionalism, her intuitive quality of joyful and simple step by step interaction, together with her thoughtful care of bespoke healthy life plan design, all make her my top choice for complete wellness. On a physical, mental and spiritual level.” C.A.

“I have been both surprised and delighted with the improvement in my health over the last year since I started seeing Alison for Colonics and Nutritional guidance. A long term sufferer of IBS and weight fluctuation, I was at my wits end when I suffered two serious bouts of shingles. Just one year later I am finally free of IBS, I am easily maintaining my optimum weight and I am full of energy, something I never would have believed possible. Alison is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced health professional, her treatments are holistic and personally tailored to the client’s needs; without doubt she has changed my life…” T.G.